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In Supported Living Accommodation, you can apply for Housing Benefit (HB) to help you pay your rent, if you are unemployed, on a low income or are claiming other benefits you may be able to apply.

You can make a claim for Housing Benefit if:

  • You have reached State Pension Age
  • You’re in Supported Living Accommodation

Daisy Housing offer a range of services and specialist support that you can access throughout your tenancy. Under our Intensive Housing Management Support, Daisy will continually be available to assist with your Housing Benefit needs. At the start of your tenancy, with your consent and request, we will meet with you to submit your Housing Benefit Application. We will then assist you to maintain this benefit, report any changes in personal circumstances or appeal against decisions that the Local Authorities may / may not make.

For Daisy Housing to support you and to assess your eligibility, you will need to have the correct and up-to-date information on:

  • Any savings or accounts you have 
  • Your income or your partner’s income
  • Full details of any benefits or pensions you are receipt of

You must make your HB application within 4 weeks of moving into your new home to prevent any arrears accumulating on your rent account.

You must notify HB if you move accommodation or if your personal circumstances change.

If you would like to check your eligibility prior to providing us with your personal information, you can visit a free online Benefits Calculator that is available on most of your Local Authority Websites or

If you pay your own Council Tax bill you may be eligible for support to pay this.

You could be eligible for Council Tax Reduction / 100% Exemption if you are in receipt of benefits, fit the criteria of Severe Mental Impairment (SMI) Application or are on a low income.

The level of discount you can achieve depends on:

  • The local authority in which your home is in because each council runs their own scheme
  • Your personal circumstances (e.g., income / benefits / residency status)
  • Your household income including savings, pensions, and partner’s income
  • If you have other adults living with you

Daisy Housing can support you to apply. All you need to do is contact us or arrange an appointment with your local Housing Officer.

Always check your energy tariff – you need to check that you are in contract with your energy provider and that you are not on a ‘variable rate’ or ‘out of contract’. This allows you to check that you are getting the best price on the market.

If you are unsure how to check this then please contact your Support Provider or Housing Officer who can assist you where possible.

How to Save Energy at Home…

  • Turning off the lights when leaving a room
  • Switching to efficient appliances / LED or Energy Saving Lights
  • Unplug devices
  • Lessen water usage
  • Keep the thermostat at a lower temperature


  • Lock your door and windows when you are leaving your home
  • Do not leave keys under a doormat or any place that others can access your key
  • Always ask the identity of a person or ask for ID before letting them into your home


  • Report anything to Daisy that may cause injury/ you are unsure of.
  • Check your smoke alarms weekly

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