Our Vision

Daisy Housing aim to ensure we provide the people we support with a high-quality service and unbeatable standard across all of our accommodation so tenants can live fulfilling lives, with access to local communities and amenities.

Our Priority Will always be..

The happiness and wellbeing of our tenants within everything that we do. Daisy Housing have Values, Commitments and Objectives that we always strive to achieve.

Daisy Housing offer properties that are an alternative to the provisions of care homes and homes rented on the commercial market. We can offer such services by ensuring that the care, support and supervision is delivered in such a way that promotes independence.

As we are a not-for-profit organization, Daisy Housing reinvest any profits, we may gain, back into our properties and services. This benefits not only the standard of our homes; our tenants and care professionals but also the local community that our accommodation is situated in. 

Everyone should have access to...


Affordable living for our tenants is a priority to ensure that those who need access are not restricted by affordability / income


We are committed to providing and acquiring high quality homes from onset and maintain them to a high standard.


Providing tailored care to each of our tenants that is catered to their needs enables our tenants to obtain their independence.

Who We Are

To find out more about Daisy Housing, and what we stand for, visit out 'Who We Are' page.

Our Values

Our values are important to ensure our service delivery is of the highest standard possible.


Who do Daisy Housing work with on a daily basis? Visit our 'Partnership' page to find out.


Harelands Courtyard, Moor Rd, Richmond, DL10 5NY


09:00 AM – 17.00 PM
Monday – Friday


Phone: 0174 8902139
Email: [email protected]